Architectural Services

As Söğüt İnşaat, we also offer architectural services to our customers.

Architectural services are carried out in accordance with customer needs and expectations. Our architects collaborate with their customers, understand their demands and use this information during the design process to create a functional, aesthetic and safe space.

Architectural services generally include the following stages:

► Determination of Needs:

Needs and goals are determined through interviews and analysis with the customer. At this stage, the purpose of use is budget, time frame and other important factors are addressed.

►Design Process:

In line with needs and goals, architects create design concepts and drawings. At this stage, structural aesthetic and functional elements are taken into account. Designs are presented to the customer and feedback is received.

► Project Development:

After receiving customer approval, the designs are made more detailed. At this stage, structural calculations, Material selection, energy efficiency and other technical details are studied. Project in development architects collaborate with other experts, such as engineers and landscape architects.

► Construction Process:

Architects oversee the construction process as the project is completed. Ensuring that construction progresses on time and on budget They provide. They also perform quality control and adapt to project-related changes.

►Delivery and Inspection:

When the structure is completed, architects make final inspections and hand it over to the client. Also project They can make performance evaluations based on their results.