One of the most preferred areas of the construction industry lately is undoubtedly urban transformation. Urban transformation is the “Transformation of Areas at Disaster Risk” law no. 6306, also known as the urban transformation law, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 16/5/2012.

The purpose of the urban transformation law; especially earthquakes, floods, landslides, rockfalls, avalanches, etc. It is the liquidation of areas at risk of disaster and old and damaged buildings that have completed their economic life, and the creation of healthy, safe, standard-compliant living spaces in their place, and the prevention of loss of life and property in possible disasters. Another dimension of transformation is to reduce the effects of unplanned urbanization and create brand cities that are modern, have a high level of prosperity, and whose historical and natural texture is preserved.

People apply for urban transformation services because they do not want to take the risk of living in old and earthquake-resistant buildings that have exceeded their economic life. In addition, the existence of incentives for citizens applying for urban transformation also increases the demand for this area of the construction industry.

Another advantage of urban transformation is the renewal of the entire infrastructure of your building. When your infrastructure is renewed, the problems caused by the old installation will decrease considerably. Since your renovated building will not cause you any problems, you can have a more comfortable and peaceful life. Urban transformation means making old buildings that have been carrying the burden of years earthquake resistant in accordance with new regulations. As new construction technologies and materials are applied in urban transformation, your buildings will be in a much better condition than before.

Within the framework of this law, Söğüt İnşaat has demolished and rebuilt many buildings in the Büyükçekmece region by making “Land in Exchange” agreements with them. It completes and delivers the constructions before the defined deadlines with its technical staff that meets the expectations of the building owners and produces solutions together. Söğüt İnşaat, one of the few companies that employs architects, civil engineers and electrical engineers, works meticulously at every stage of the project, from drawing to delivery. It always remains faithful to the contract made with the flat owners, pays the rent on time and constructs all the flats in the building with the same quality workmanship and materials.